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What we offer

Set an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION to let you know more about our variety of tailor-made hair loss solutions available through our in-house brand 'Hair Apps' for different types and degrees of hair loss.

After a free, discreet and thorough consultation using the latest technology to identify hair growth damage or scalp anomalies, we discuss and offer clients what solutions are available.

All our solutions are committed to provide the highest level of comfort while being made from high quality, breathable material to provide ventilation and maintain a health scalp.  One can shower, swim or go to the gym normally without any worries!

This is a service delivered in full discretion. 

In recent years our Salon Director came across with the ever increasing demand by loyal clients suffering from alopecia to be provided with some in-house solution for their hair concerns.  Therefore, after considerable training and studies in trichology and wig-making, our salon’s Director launched a new service providing for women and men suffering from alopecia (hair loss).  This brought about our in-house brand ‘Hair Apps‘ in 2011.

We specialize in custom-made hair pieces that can be applied according to the client’s needs.  These can be integrated to the client’s own hair to add volume, bulk or area covered.  All degrees of alopecia are catered for.

The brand of ‘Hair Apps‘ covers a wide range of services including Hair Replacements, Volumizers, Toupees, and Intralace Hair Replacements and a variety of personalized Wigs, all in top remy hair. It also caters for the Hair Extension Services available at our salon for addition of length or volume and a wide-range of different attachments techniques, applicable according to individual clients’ scenario.

Our holistic hairdressing services provide our clients with a complete look at the end of each service.

Hair Apps

Learn more about our hair loss solutions.

At our salon we offer an innovative way of adding hair without using any heating or gluing. This novel technique takes only from 1 to 3 hours at the salon, just like a normal hair appointment, but with complete discretion.

Top quality remy hair, collected by our own Director, is used to provide you a renewed confidence and freedom to feel at ease with your looks. It feels like your own hair, you can sleep, run, swim, and do any other sport you like.   And, of course wash, dry and style your new hair comfortably at your home.  Only you know the difference: thicker, voluminous and better looking hair.

Our innovative solutions enhance your naturally growing hair without damaging your new growth which you have worked so hard to acquire and maintain.

Hair Apps‘ also offer natural partings and hair that can be tucked behind the ears in a natural looking way.  Fringes are not a must. All our hair replacements are tailor-made according to clients’ hair fall for an undetectable look.

Hair Apps‘ provide different types of solutions which are custom made according to the personal hair loss condition.  Some options include the integration of your existing hair to the new hair addition, so you can keep it on without having to remove it on long term basis.

Our solutions require also follow-up appointments every 6 to 10 weeks, depending on your natural hair growth.

Our products

  • The Mini Hair App

A solution for clients who have hair thinning at the front and around the centre-parting zone.

  • The Medium Hair App

A solution for clients suffering from hair loss in particular areas. This system is set up on a mesh, which covers precisely the area where there is hair loss.  This can be ideal for persons suffering with Alopecia Areata, lupus, female pattern baldness, trichotillomania and other chronic hair loss conditions such as Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (retired frontal hair line).

  • The Full Hair App

A solution for clients suffering from total hair loss, an alternative to common wigs.  Hair Apps are committed to provide the highest level of comfort and a healthy scalp.  Your head is measured precisely and the added hair is attached to match your personal needs.

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